Sunday, February 24, 2013

Scatter Plot Matrix in Incanter and Clojure Screenshot Preview

Scatter Plot Matrix is useful in getting a quick insight of a data-set with correlating features. In this post I share some early screenshots of a working implementation of a scatter plot matrix function in Clojure and Incanter using two data-sets: iris and chick-weight.

Scatter plot matrix of iris experiment data-set using Clojure, Incanter and JFreeChart

As you can see on the iris chart above, axis is not yet correctly adjusted to the min and max values of the metrics. Yeah. There are many details of a simple scatter-plot-matrix function. It is a Clojure-Incanter-Java learning-by-doing-mini-project with a fellow Loganis researcher, exploring details of Incanter and JFreeChart usage in Clojure.

Our Scatter Plot Matrix function implementation has histogram charts of metrics in the diagonal of the matrix chart, and scatter plots of combinations of metric pairs. You can group values by a categorical dimension, in the footer you can see the value names of colors used.

Scatter plot matrix of chick-weight experiment data-set using Clojure, Incanter and JFreeChart

Chick-Weight experiment is another built in data-set in Incanter. In my next post I am going to provide more details of our scatter plot matrix implementation for Incanter with source code using the same EPL 1.0 license as Clojure.

If you have any idea how to make an Incanter Scatter Plot Matrix function more useful, please share your thoughts with us.

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